Krista’s Sweets

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The Perfect Bite Every Time!

Baking Award Winner! Krista Has Won Baking Contests For Her Treats!

Discover the epitome of deliciousness when you take a bite of a treat produced by Krista’s Sweets. Based in Oshawa, ON, we are focused on bringing the most delectable items to you, your family, and your social engagements.

Focused on Freshness

We utilize only fresh ingredients, with a focus on all natural items. This guarantees that you know exactly what is in your dessert item. We use traditional recipes that you and your family are sure to love.

Areas We Serve

We serve the Durham Region and surrounding areas. Contact us before ordering if you are unsure if we deliver to you. While we do not arrange courier services, we have worked with couriers that our clients have hired in the past in situations where baked goods have to travel a bit outside of our regular service range.

Our Guarantee

We serve only the finest freshly baked dessert items available in Oshawa, ON. It is our mission to guarantee that you will be able to enjoy a tasty treat, without having to worry about the ingredients or quality of the baking process.

We hold ourselves to standards higher than required by law and standard business practices, with the hope of setting the bar for small and large scale bakeries throughout our country.